The Importance of Mind Mapping

Creativity is a comfort zone for me. That said, my Gemini personality also craves methodical work and accuracy. I love anything analytical and I adore detail. I get great comfort from understanding every aspect of a project and it's in the detail that I find I come up with my best ideas.

When it comes to marketing, every marketer will have their own personal style and the way they craft a marketing communications campaign. For me, I adopt a two stage technique. I handwrite a project mind map, giving my mind time to think as I put pen to paper. I also work the mind map backwards. I focus on the end result and work back to the beginning. This technique, referred to in the literary world as Reverse Chronology, allows me work through any challenges and potential barriers, which may appear throughout the project journey. Forcing my mind to think through all aspects and detail of the planned campaign.

There are lots of apps, software tools and various digital mind mapping solutions which can be used to mind map a project, However, the physical act of writing something allows your mind those extra few seconds to think about the project and inspire your thought processes. Research has also shown that hand writing increases brain neural activity more effectively than when we use the keyboard. The physical act of writing engages several areas of the brain and this increased activity also helps our memory by solidifying connections between the different areas of the brain.

So keep that brain active! Open up a sketch pad, take our some yellow sticky notes and mind map that complex project on paper, working from the end result back. If you haven't mind mapped this way before, you may be surprised at how effective it can be. 

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