Cat Napping - Health Benefits

When I've got this laid-back feeling, I let the hours drift by.
Which is why a morning cat-nap, becomes an afternoon shut eye.
Then I have a short siesta, until it's time to creep. 
Exhausted to my basket, to get my beauty sleep!

This is a poem I read nearly twenty years ago in a magazine. I tore it out and put it somewhere safe because I loved it. Unfortunately, my somewhere safe place was so safe it took me 20 years to find it again. When it appeared in a memory box I cleared out, as one of my lockdown projects.  

In my 50th year on this wonderful planet, I am blessed to be in the position of running my own health store, a dream come true  - alongside running my marketing business, which I love. Cat napping, or power napping as its also referred, is definitely one of my secrets to keeping on top of it all. For me, that cat nap happens after dinner when I rest my mind and listen to my meditation music. Why is this little technique so good for me and my productivity? Did you know that cat naps can improve your memory, keep you alert and attentive, help you perform better physically and also elevate your mood. Research also suggests that a quick cat nap can also lower your blood pressure and potentially lower your long term risk of heart disease.

So working hard, really stressed, trying to meet a deadline and you know you've so much more to do and it's already 6.00 pm! I'd suggest you consider having a nice glass of water, turn on Spotify and close your eyes for 10 - 20 minutes. Drifting off to the wonderful sound of the waves and gentle sounds from Transformation and Miracles by Dr. Steve G. Jones and just feel your body re-boot! 

Wild Poppy Wellbeing Tip - While relaxing, allow the cheerful and uplifting scent of May Chang Summer Blend fill your senses and refresh your environment.