The Artist's Way - Morning Pages

The Artist's Way - One of my favourite books and a constant go to on my book shelf. In this manual, Julia Cameron guides you through a very gentle and effective course on discovering your creative self. Julia reminds us that when life is busy and you are giving of yourself, your talent and your time.  Focused on completing tasks, furthering your career, trying to be that perfect parent, partner or friend. Sometimes its easy to forget all about your self.

Within the Artist's Way, is a wonderful project called the Morning Pages. A self exploration project that's simple and thought provoking. This wonderful exercise will reveal great insights, about you and your inner thoughts. All you need is a few minutes every morning, a notepad and a pen. If you have the time and patience, the Morning Pages will reveal what busy life keeps tucked away. You can also expect to be pleasantly surprised to see your creative side reveals itself, as the Morning Pages fill with your thoughts and musings.

The idea is to wake up every morning, and write three pages of long-hand on whatever comes to mind. Julia created this approach to journaling as a way of allowing the mind to open up to the creative side of self and yes we all have a creative side. If you have never taken to journaling this way, I'd thoroughly recommend it and surprisingly, it is more difficult than it looks. But as Julia herself says, there is no "wrong way" to do Morning Pages. So try it, who knows what wonderful doors Morning Pages will open!

Wild Poppy Wellbeing Tip - Enjoy crafting your Morning Pages with a cup of Clipper Organic Green Tea with Echinacea & Citrus.