Santa's Little Buddy

And now for a little magic! Santa's Little Buddy is a wonderful little project that came to life a few years ago, working with my good friend and super talented child psychotherapist, author and media contributor Joanna Fortune.

This unique pack is designed to explore magical play. Through a child's own toy coming to life for the month of December - with the help of a little magic poem. Within the pack, is a daily journal, a Christmas story, a magic poem, a wall chart, stickers and a step by step guide which explains in detail how to make the most of the pack.

With the help of Santa's Little Buddy, parents can tap into the magic of Christmas. Investing in their child's development of important life skills, including impulse controls, reasoning skills, patience and the importance of emotional self regulation.

Santa's Little Buddy is also focused on the nice and not the naughty! Reinforcing good behaviour, rather than threatening to report back on bad behaviour. This wonderful little pack also helps with the regulation of the long over stimulated Christmas build up.

So! Line op the teddys , take the magic poem out and lets see what giggle magic is created in your house this December, with the help of Santa's Little Buddy. 

For more information on how to order the pack, contact us here