Gemstones - A Gift From The Earth

At the Wild Poppy Wellbeing store, we stock a wide range of gemstones. Often referred to as crystals, these stones from the earth are widely regarded as having limitless potential.

Below are the details and the descriptions for our growing collection.

Rhodonite (for meditation). Facilitates mutual understanding and strengthens friendships. Helps solve conflicts constructively.

Rutilated Quartz (for empowerment) Engenders new hope and has an anti-depressive effect. Allows us to feel more in control of our lives.

Shungite (for purification). A powerful purification stone. Removes impurities and toxins on every level of being.

Blue Goldstone (for astral travel). Aids communication and assists astral travel. Included copper generates warming and pain relief.

Tourmalinated Quartz (for positive energy). Protects against negative energy. Excellent for discharging tension and relieving stress.

Red Goldstone (for abundance). Associated with wealth and abundance. Included copper generates warming and pain relief.

Moonstone (for femininity). Dedicated to the moon, fertility and femininity. Can ease feminine pains and balance the hormones.

Amazonite (for mood lifting). Encourages self-confidence and discourages self-destruction. Helps lift sadness and apprehension.

Blue Agate (for friendship). Good for communication, especially in friendship. Promotes the ability to listen and understand.

Purple Agate (for concentration). Enhances concentration. Calms and promotes clarity of thought.

Tiger Eye (for ambition). Promotes creativity, ambition and dynamic energy. Can be used to combat depression.

Snowflake Obsidian (for safe travel). Grounds and protects. Also particularly good for improving the circulation.

Blue Howlite (for protection). Enhances communication and strengthens self-protection and self-healing.

Turquoise Agate (for self belief). Grounding and calming. Can be used for protection, and for strengthening the immune system.

Pink Agate (for affection). Pink colouration supports the heart and positive emotion. Protects and cleanses.

Howlite (for focus). Helps to bring new ideas into focus. Also associated with purity. Said to aid in past-life journeys.

Hematite (for survival). Encourages the ability to survive. Protects, strengthens the will, and promotes self awareness.

Chrysocolla (for cleansing). Detoxifying, balancing and extremely calming. Effective for treating sinus and respiratory infections.

Sodalite (for intellect). Helps to combine and balance intellect with intuition. Enhances meditation. Helps self acceptance.

Chevron Amethyst (for development). One of the most powerful Third Eye stones. Can be used to enhance healing and diagnostic skills.

Rainbow Fluorite (for expansion). Facilitates inner expansion, bringing calm and an ability to work through difficulties without stress.

Dragon's Blood Jasper (for self confidence). Helps develop self-confidence, strength of will and the persistence to make real and effective change.

Red Jasper (for passion). Stimulates warmth of feeling and promotes mutual positive energy.

Jasper Dalmation (for flow). Allows flow of energy, balances and aligns the Chakra's.

Picasso Jasper (for grounding). Grounds and promotes inner strength. Calms, stabilises and promotes self reliance.

New Jade Serpentine (for detox). Cleansing, purifying, detoxifying and very gentle. Can be used to alleviate pain and promote healing.

Peach Aventurine (for reflection). Balances and harmonises, especially warming and opening the lower Chakras. Aids self-reflection.

Bloodstone (for immunity) Particularly useful in boosting the immune system. Also calming and aids self-protection.

Green Aventurine (for harmony) Enhances self-esteem. Creates a sense of harmony and balance. Used in Feng Shui.

Rose Quartz (for love). Can be used to attact love. Promotes self-acceptance. Supportive for the broken hearted.